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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The Romanticist qualities of Eugene Delacroix have made his paintings amongst the most famous in all French history. They have also become popular choices as art print reproductions.

This was an artist who provided extraordinary scenes within his work, full of wild emotion and activity. The best example of this would have to be the iconic Liberty Leading the People, and that does indeed continue to remain his most popular piece, but there is also so much else to see. The powerful seascapes such as Christ on the Sea of Galilee and Shipwreck of Don Juan provide a connection to British artist Turner whilst there are also landscape scenes and also a number inspired by religious themes. Finally, animals also feature frequently within his work, too, and this was one of the trademark identities of the overall Romanticist movement. This website offers a full survey of his entire oeuvre for those looking to understand and appreciate this variety of output, whilst here we discuss the various options available to you when seeking a Delacroix print online.

The colours used by this artist are perhaps what makes him quite so respected. He would boldly brighten scenes with some wonderful tones which lifted his work to new heights. This was someone who took inspiration from the past but added his own modern take, as part of the forward-thinking Romanticist movement. He would also play an important role in keeping French art at the top of the continent's art scene, with its dominance stretching from the 17th to 19th century. Previous to that, it was Italian and Dutch art which had risen highest during the Renaissance, with the 20th century then being dominated by a mixture of global talents, with many from the US. Even today the great names of French art are still celebrated widely, and Delacroix himself is considered to be the last of the great old masters.

Where might one order a print from? Well, there are many online stores who cover this artist's career in great detail. Copyright has been removed from his work many years ago and so this enables more companies to be able to sell reproductions of his work without having to cover additional costs. As a famous name within the Romanticist movement, there is also lots of interest in Delacroix and that continues today. Many of his best paintings are in notable art galleries and museums, such as the Louvre, which ensures many more people get to see his work every year. Despite the rise in popularity of modern and contemporary art, there still remains a significant following for more traditional art styles, particularly with those who understand how it led to everything that we continue to see appear today. Paris is still the main city from which to appreciate his work, with anything outside of those boundaries being thinly spread across different nations.

Most of the artist's paintings are particularly detailed and so a large art print would normally be advisable, to avoid much of this being lost at a smaller size. A good quality paper print would also better represent the original work. Frames tend to suit this style of art, and a simple frame of a single colour would normally be the best option. There are normally many different options available in that regard, but always check the impact on shipping costs, as it can sometimes be considerable, depending on the size and weight of the frame and print selected. International shipping can be a risky business, so normally it is advisable to use a company based in your own region, where ever possible. Most major countries have a good number of print companies available to pick from, so it should be do-able. Delacroix is also recognised internationally, so most will cover his career oeuvre comprehensively.

Who else might you consider besides Delacroix? There are many related artists who may have produced an artwork that is even more to your taste. Some consider Delacroix's work a little too aggressive in how the colours contrast with each other, and might prefer something a little more blended and subtle - it is all about personal taste. You may also prefer different genres and topics captured by other artists rather than those here. French art in general has a host of fine exponents from around the 17th to 19th century, and so you will have a great breadth and depth of work to check out. The first stop might be either an Ingres print, or perhaps one from Gericault? They are amongst the other highlights from this period and produced work that can be considered as impressive as that of Delacroix.