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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Theodore Gericault produced uplifting art in a number of different mediums and in recent years there has been a growing demand for art print reproductions of his original work.

Raft of the Medusa will always remain his most significant, and reproduced, painting but there is much more to see. You will find a great variety of themes within his career, covering portraits, war scenes, self portraits and animal anatomy portraiture. This was a bold artist who wished to challenge himself at all times. The major art retailers offer prints in all manner of different guises, including framed art prints with inlay card.

There are also different finishes, canvas prints and even items like tapestries and memorabilia. Raft of the Medusa can often be found in The Louvre store, where this famous painting becomes re-used for all sorts of modern purposes. Fans of more traditional artistic styles may also appreciate Michelangelo prints and Leonardo da Vinci prints.

The Romanticist and Neo-Classical artists have remained particularly popular in the present day. Gericault is just one of those, though the extraordinary fame of his key highlights such as Raft of the Medusa have ensured that his reputation remains above most other related artists from this period in French art. Delacroix and David are superior to him, perhaps, but not many others that we can name can say the same.

Those looking to enjoy some of these artists within their own homes will have a great selection to choose from, with copyright from their work being nulled many years ago. This allows anyone to reproduce their original work but without having to pay any additional fees for the right to do so. Followers of art from the 18th and 19th centuries will often prefer a strong frame with their print or poster, in order to both protect it and also to give a more professional look. You may choose a wooden or metallic frame, with a simple design or perhaps something more elaborate - whatever your taste and also what best suits the particular art print reproduction that you have gone for.

French art, speaking more generally, retains its special spot in European art history, going way beyond just the contributors to the Romanticist movement. For example, the likes of Gustave Courbet have helped to draw attention to the beauty of the French landscape and also bring a greater focus to the lives of the working poor, who had previously been overlooked by most notable artists. His work within Realism also started the path towards the Impressionist movement and prints by the likes of Monet, Bazille, Caillebotte and Pissarro also remain hugely popular.