Whilst Nudes in the Forest is perhaps Leger's most famous painting, it is his brighter works that have proven popular for art prints. It makes sense - those choosing art for their own homes will generally want to add some brightness and fun to an otherwise minimalist home, particularly in most modern interiors. A painting that we respect for its technical attributes may not necessarily translate into a great choice for your own home. A complex piece, for example, would be lost in a small print where nothing can really be made out with the eye at this size. Therefore, the likes of Contrast of Forms, Woman with a Book and Still Life with a Beer Mug would likely work much better.

The style of Leger can work well even at relatively small sizes, mainly because his paintings do not use too much detail and the objects are clear. Colours are also bold meaning the eye can easily pick up each key element of his compositions. This style of abstract art is also particularly popular with art fans of recent years, even though it was initially rejected by art critics who would term it childlike or without true teachnical talent. New ideas tend to receive this type of rejection initially, but the best new styles will eventually receive favour over time. Besides the beautiful abstract work of Fernand Leger, what other related artists also prove suitable for art print reproductions?

The particular style that you might choose will depend on your own personal tastes as well as the environment in which it is to be hung. Your available budget will also impact whether you go for a simple poster or perhaps a large framed giclee print instead. Perhaps you might consider Roy Lichtenstein prints instead? That artist produced a similarly flat, abstract look but combined it with elements of cartoon imagery. Pablo Picasso is the most famous Modern artist and his style spread across a large number of different art movements. He took in Cubism but also was trained in more classical, traditional styles of art. Picasso prints themselves are as popular as any artist in the world, and some of his animal drawings are seen as truly charming by even the most casual follower of art history. His cubist colleague Georges Braque is also another option for art prints or posters.

Each of these great artists have a plethora of works available, though many are still subject to copyright and so you will be restricted to whichever art retailers have the necessary permissions in place. That said, Leger prints are popular and many companies will seek to be able to offer these to their customer base., though always do research on each company in order to ensure that you product that you receive is of the highest standard possible. Online reviews may help in this regard, but friends and family may also be able to recommend specific companies that they help themselves used previously. There are growing numbers of companies online offering items such as framed prints, posters and similar, giving you plenty of choice, particularly for those in modern western nations where there remains a huge market for these types of things. There will also invariably stock a huge number of other artists as well, many of whose style will be related to Leger's.

Leger was certainly a prolific and hard working artist, leaving behind many hundreds of paintings, drawings plus other mediums from a varied career. Most retailers will not be able to offer a full selection from this long list, and therefore just concentrate on the highlights, with a particular focus on his paintings as they are best suited to art print reproduction. Many of his followers enjoy the bright colours that he used throughout much of his career and these would serve you well on any wall of your home. His forms were also clear and bold, which is again suited to small prints in your home, where more complex detail would invariably just be lost at that size. Much of the contemporary art that we saw in the early to mid 20th century was similarly reduced in detail, as new ideas pushed things onwards from the more traditional methods of previous centuries.

It is the mechanical Cubist work from this artist which he remains most famous for, and that is reflected in the artworks chosen for prints - we have listed the most popular of those below, for your interest. In many cases it will be people who have seen his work in public displays and become interested in his career as a result of that. Many will purchase products from the same gallery in which they view these pieces, whilst others will choose to look more deeply into his career, potentially unveiling other artworks to their liking that were not featured in the specific exhibition. There are also times where people have made visits whilst on holiday and so want something to remember the trip itself, though normally they will go for something more obviously connected, such as a photograph of the city location. The prints market is highly competitive, but with an equally large market in which to do business.

When ordering your print or poster please bear in mind a few considerations that will help you to avoid some potential problems. Firstly, ordering from abroad may incur additional charges that you were entirely unaware of, such as import duty. Secondly, the shipping costs will also normally be higher as well, as when ordering a heavy product, such as a framed print, this can amount to a large amount of money. Most developed nations will have plenty of domestic options that will keep costs to a minimum, or alternatively you might consider even printing an artwork out yourself, and then finding a cheap frame locally if your budget is particularly tight. Posters themselves can also be rolled and sent pretty cheaply, if you are in a situation where you have several rooms to cover at the same time and cannot afford the framed print option for all of them.

Most Popular Fernand Leger Prints