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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Autumn in North America allows us to appreciate and experience the worlds created by Frederic Edwin Church, directly onto canvas.

At first glance, one is attracted to the world he created through this painting. The paintings by Fredrick Edwin church were concerned about giving a symbolic picture of romanticism, light and respect for nature. Years later, Church made a new painting of middle eastern scenes and the Mediterranean in the cityscapes. The artwork pictorial gives an image created by the artist is confined by colorful foliage and autumnal trees. However, the foreground is an exception as it leads the observer to progress towards the real world created by the artwork.

As the viewer follows the path, it gives an image of cows crossing a bridge and heading to the wilderness. From the artwork, persons expected to guide the animals are missing. This absence is symbolic and is common in most artwork of the school in Hudson river, which symbolically means a statement that is in contradiction of the influence of industrial development that was evident in the natural world.

At the period when this work by Church was developed, nature was widely used as an inspirational and philosophical base for artists. This was the free time in the history of America. Church, together with his artistic counterparts, were keenly considering the best creative vision that would represent their country. The also wanted to depict the independent European world. The landscape had not been invaded by industrialization, and it was beginning to affect the European skies with pollution. The artist also presents a sense of reference in this piece of work. The sunlight that comes after the midpoint of the pictorial and showers the entire work with a bright glow that illuminates the leaves of individual trees. The light enhances beautiful colors in the greenery. The stream that is seen to divide the structure into two halves leads the viewer to what may be found beyond the wildland.

Apart from serving as an inspiration, the landscape in the composition of works served as advanced landscapes of the ordinary ecosphere that served philosophical purposes. Instead of representing pictures alone as symbolic, Church combined elements, landscape orientation, and design to serve a thoughtful purpose. Autumn in North America is a perfect scenery. It is a combination of undisputed beauty and dynamic. Ideally, the Church means both north and southern part of the country. He uses nature to give an accurate picture of an ideal nation that is unrestricted from industrial development and bondage. A strong statement that is brought by the landscape in this piece of artwork would have been easily ignored in Europe but because of its unique voice that was designed by Frederic Church, the use of monumental American landscape. The historic biases cannot be used to restrict such quality work of the American.

Autumn in North America in Detail Frederic Edwin Church