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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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In the Fine Arts Museums of de Young stands the artistic painting of Rainy Seasons in the Tropics. Fredric Edwin Church took his time to bring out a very symbolic display of scientifically accurate elements.

The most conspicuous feature on the painting is the double rainbow across the sky. He used the rainbows as a symbol of hope for America, and it had survived to the end of the civil war. We see a mountain rock behind the rainbow. Edwin Church may have used this to represent the hard-painful times he had experienced when he lost his kids. The vegetative valley represents hope for better days. The plants on the bottom right corner originated from botanical sketches that church made while he was living in Jamaica. Plein air sketches made on-site, followed by thorough studio work combining ideas from various different locations made the painting spectacular. He used romanticism to bring out the real nature of beauty. He used brushstrokes to make the painting smooth.

Fredric Edwin Church used canvas and oil to paint the Rainy season in the tropics in 1866. The double rainbow that spans on the canvas brings out a perfect reversal of the colour spectrum. A good look on the second of the rainbows brand gives the impression that Church may have consulted a scientific treatise when he painted this scene. Alexander Von Humboldt and John Ruskin were major influencers of Church's work. They insisted on close observation of nature as the main duty of a nature painter. E. Church was inspired by the fascinating and amazing components of nature.

He believed that close study of nature was essential to catching the slightest detail on a painting. The painting was commissioned by the New York art dealer Michael Knoedler in 1866. The Rainy season in the Tropics is owned by de Young Museum in San Fransisco. Some churches works influenced the luminist landscape art. Frederic Edwin Church was a central figure in the history of art in America. The art is fantastical and symbolic. A lot of work is put on. There is no way to price art. Rainy season in the tropics is a clear depiction of hope.

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Rainy Season in the Tropics in Detail Frederic Edwin Church