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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Frederic Edwin Church's style as an artist have made his work particularly popular as art print reproductions and we discuss the qualities of his work which attract so many American art fans.

The prominent members of the Hudson River School are all highly regarded, artistically. They brought attention to the beauty of the American landscape through their own impressive technical skills. They also served as campaigners, through their work, against the ongoing industrialisation of the nation. Artists like Church were not against progress, they merely wanted to ensure that safeguards were put in place to avoid some of the stunning environments in which they worked being damaged forever. Their love for these locations shows in their work, capturing precise details of scenes right across the United States, as well as some foreign spots on various tours.

The beautiful landscape prints of Church are best served with a small frame to both protect the artwork but also to provide a smarter finish. A neutral-coloured card between print and frame can also help the original artwork to stand out on your wall. All of the artists from the Hudson River School are now copyright-free, enabling us to enjoy reproductions of their work at relatively low prices. Many retailers are also able to offer a huge section of their work and Frederic Edwin Church is amongst the most famous of this talented group. Alongside this artist, you may also appreciate Bierstadt prints, or perhaps others from the likes of Moran and Cole.

The lighting used by Church was dramatic and eye-catching - fans of his work will remember several of his career highlights where a sunset or bright sky dominated a complex composition. The beauty of the landscape meant little extra was really required by the artist but somehow these creative experts managed to out-do nature and produce something even more beautiful than the reality. Church himself was renowned for the detail that he incorporated into his paintings, perhaps more than any of the other artists mentioned here. We can never be sure as to whether the small additions in the foreground such as wild deer relaxing by a stream or an elderly man walking by himself were actually there or added by the artist himself, but either way, the end result is a beautiful artwork.

Which of Church's paintings would be the most popular choices as art print reproductions? His career is deep and of a consistently high quality meaning that choices can be fairly wide ranging, taking in the full breadth of his career. Many choices will be made on locations that are particularly relevant to the buyer, rather than the particular merits of the artwork itself. That said, the arching beauty of Rainy Season in the Tropics will always draw attention from within his career highlights and that remains one of the most reproduced paintings from his large offering. Others then may link closely to perhaps a holiday or fond memory.