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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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High quality reproductions can add the beauty of Bierstadt's landscape paintings to your home

Bierstadt Prints are great examples of the North American landscape, showing off the Hudson River School art movement at it's best. shows off the very best paintings by this popular artist and offers recommended retailers for those looking to buy reproduction prints of his works online. You can browse through his paintings below and link through to our recommended stores, where we regularly order art ourselves.

The success of this artist is down to his fantastic depictions of extraordinary landscapes, showing their beauty off to the full. Those who love landscape paintings always flock to the Hudson River School artists, and perhaps Bierstadt is the best known of them all. Sierra Nevada in California, as shown above, in just one of hundreds of great prints available of the career of Hudson River School painter Albert Bierstadt. By using the links above you can jump through to our recommended retailer of this particular print, or browse through their extensive gallery of other Bierstadt prints.

You can also read more below about the great artist himself, plus scan through a list of further paintings from his career that are worthy of study. Bierstadt is well remembered for covering the great Western expansion across the United States in the 19th century and so his paintings are not only artistic choices but they also offer historical insights into the progress of USA at that time. This golden age for the country makes for a charming set of works from his career which mark an excellent point in the history of the country, and therefore highly suitable as prints to buy.

The career of Bierstadt is so tightly linked to the landscapes that he covered that Mount Bierstadt in Colorado was named after him, which was an exceptional honour for someone who loved the topic of his work so much already. Indeed his wife also had the same bestowed to her as well for a short period. Few painters can match Albert Bierstadt's achievements and legacy with his name remain strong even today, particularly with art buyers from North America. Many wonder why the works of this artist are so popular as prints.

The qualities of the countryside used in each have an almost timeless charm that shows little chance of dropping in popularity. Bierstadt also had built a reputation for himself as the number one place to start for those interested in the landscapes of this region and looking to add paintings of it to their homes. His works consistently hold a mystical feel, similar to some romanticists in some ways, and this adds some personality to the paintings, ensuring the prints go further than just replicating what the artist had seen.

This inclusion of emotion is critical in making any artist stand out from the rest, particularly in such a competitive style as the Hudson River School and landscape painting in North America as a whole. Bierstadt's 19th century landscape paintings totalled as many as 4,000 by the end of his considerable career. The passion he had for his landscape ensured he never relented in this great productivity and would only take a break when travelling around from one location to the next. This website also has further reading on the following Bierstadt prints:

Those who wish to see the original masterpieces of this great artists are best heading for the likes of Cleveland, Seattle, New York, Boston, and Vermont as they house the best collections of his works, but the best alternative is to order your own copies online from a good quality store like that we include links to from this website. Another good idea is to get several different prints of different paintings so that you can rotate them around the house or office at different times in order to keep them fresh and interesting.

The style of these paintings make them ideal for most types of homes, with framed prints often looking more professional and doing the copies the most justice. The links at the top of the page offer galleries of Bierstadt prints, both framed and unframed, plus tapestries, stretched canvases and classic giclee prints. Bierstadt's prints are among the best example of art from the Hudson River School, but you can find a list below of other painters from this movement:

  • Thomas Cole
  • Thomas Moran
  • John William Casilear
  • Frederic Edwin Church
  • Samuel Colman
  • Jasper Francis Cropsey
  • Thomas Doughty
  • Asher Brown Durand
  • Robert Duncanson
  • Sanford Robinson Gifford
  • James McDougal Hart
  • William Hart
  • William Stanley Haseltine
  • Martin Johnson Heade
  • Hermann Ottomar Herzog
  • Thomas Hill
  • David Johnson
  • John Frederick Kensett
  • Jervis McEntee
  • Robert Walter Weir
  • Worthington Whittredge

There are hundreds of beautiful Albert Bierstadt prints available, you can see a list of further ones below:

  • The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak
  • Looking Up the Yosemite Valley
  • A Storm in the Rocky Mountains - Mount Rosalie
  • Emigrants Crossing the Plains
  • Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast
  • The Wolf River
  • Alaskan Coast Range
  • Among the Sierra Nevada, California
  • Domes of Yosemite
  • Sunrise, Yosemite Valley
  • Sunset in the Yosemite Valley
  • Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
  • Seal Rock
  • The Great Trees, Mariposa Grove, California
  • Yosemite Valley
  • Storm in the Rocky Mountains (Mount Rosa)
  • Looking Down Yosemite Valley
  • Alaskan Coast Range
  • San Francisco Bay
  • Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevadas
  • The Rocky Mountains
  • Lander's Peak
  • Gosnold at Cuttyhunk
  • Indian Canoe