Bierstadt started making artistic creations in New England and upstate New York. In 1859, he voyaged westbound in the organization of a Land Surveyor for the U.S. government, coming back with representations that would bring about various completed works of art. In 1863 he returned west once more, in the organization of the creator Fitz Hugh Ludlow, whose spouse he would later wed. He kept on going by the American West all through his profession.

Despite the fact that his works of art sold for royal aggregates, Bierstadt was not held in especially high regard by pundits of his day. His utilization of remarkably expansive canvases was thought to be a self-important liberality, as his works of art would perpetually predominate those of his counterparts when they were shown together. The sentimentalism apparent in his decisions of subject and in his utilization of light was felt to be over the top by contemporary pundits.

His compositions underlined environmental components like haze, mists and fog to emphasize and supplement the vibe of his work. Bierstadt in some cases changed points of interest of the scene to motivate wonder. The hues he utilized are additionally not generally genuine. He painted what he accepted is the way things ought to be: water is ultramarine; vegetation is lavish and green, and so forth. The move from closer view to foundation was exceptionally emotional and there was no centre separation.

Nonetheless, his works of art stay well known. He was a productive craftsman, having finished more than 500 (conceivably upwards of 4000) compositions amid his lifetime, the majority of which have survived. Many are scattered through exhibition halls around the United States. Prints are accessible financially for purchasers. Albert Bierstadt's stupendous works of art have the transformative forces to transfix viewers with straightforward ponder intrinsic in nature's magnificence.

Bierstadt (1830 – 1902), a German Luminist painter who migrated to the United States, is acclaimed for his exact and normal rendering of subjects suffused in shining light. Overpowered by superb landscape amid his goes toward the West, Bierstadt endeavoured to pass on its excellence to inhabitants from the east. Known for enormous, emotional canvases of the Rocky Mountains and Yosemite, Bierstadt established the Rocky Mountain School of Landscape Painting.