He explained the beauty of the area and that humans can co-exist in nature without destroying. The technique used in the painting mount Ktaadn by Fredric Edwin Church is landscape art. This is the use of art to show and explain a particular landscape. As seen in this painting, Fredric brings mount Ktaadn to life and makes it look civilized and habitable. He shows how beautiful this place and the harmony between nature and people. He brings everything together and makes the place look breathtaking in a picture.

The materials used in this painting is oil and canvas. The use of oil on canvas brings out the beautiful colours of the environment. The transition from the green vegetation to the grey mountain and the beautiful sky is brought to life by the use of oil on a painting. You can see how each stroke was painted with precision to show how beautiful this land is. This painting was not commissioned as Fredric Edwin church painted it as a hobby. He tended traveling around the country and recreating features into paintings. He painted mount Ktaadn after the publication of Henry David Thoreau’s essay about Ktaadn and the Maine Woods.

He was intrigued to see this desolate place and travelled to Northern Maine. He painted the mountain as a gorgeous place with a civilised future. The painting is found at the Yale University art gallery. If anybody wants to take a look at the original painting and be engulfed by the beauty of it, they can take a walk to the art gallery. The painting shows that man can coexist with nature. It also shows that the mountain remains inhabited and remains in its natural glory with no disturbance. The land looks magnificent under the beautiful sunset’s glow.

Fredric Church went to study art under Thomas Cole, who was a great painter of their time. He showed Fredric how to put his feelings and imaginations on a painting. This is what contributed to Fredric becoming a great painter. They remained friends with Thomas Cole all through his life. Also, he drew his inspiration from Alexander Von Humboldt writings about nature. This can be seen through his paintings where he paints nature in the most fascinating and beautiful way. The mount Ktaadn painting is a true definition of natural beauty. The landscape is amazing and fascinating and shows the earth as a beautiful place.

Mount Ktaadn in Detail Frederic Edwin Church