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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Frederic Edwin Church is known for his perfection in artwork and among many paintings he has made, Storm in the Mountains is among the top artwork and it has been praised worldwide. Storm in the Mountains is a Cleveland Museum of Art. The art is situated in Wade Park District in the University Circle vicinity on the city east side.

Cleveland Museum is globally distinguished for its sizable affluence of Asian and Egyptian sculpture; the exhibition hall stocks a diverse undying group exceeding 59,000 works of fine art around the entire world. The arts centre offers broad-spectrum ticket prices free to the community. The museum is the fourth-wealthiest skill museum in the United States. It’s also among the top-visited museum in the entire world.

Frederic Church an American Landscape painter studied in Hudson River school. His artwork was inspired by his explorations in places like Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America as well as North America where he learned a lot of ideas. Being a legend, Church made use of the knowledge and through that, he made several sketches that he later perfected to fine artwork. Frederic Church uses Oil on canvas technique to perfect his artwork. This technique involved delineating the theme onto the canvas by means of charcoal or using squeaky paint.

The oil tint used is usually combined with linseed oil, painter rank mineral spirits, or any other diluters to ensure the paint becomes thinner and wilder. The paint produced is thus thinner and suitable for cleaning paintbrushes. Thinner paint brings out the best in artwork and that is the only reason why Church artwork is among the best Art world wide. This technique just like other available techniques has drawbacks. If you fail to follow the basic principle, your painting will automatically crack. For you to perfect your artwork like Church, ensure that the additional paint has more oil than the subsequent paint.

Summer season is a preferred season for enjoying the mountains. The mountain atmosphere is temperament and from time to time, has got facetious surprises waiting for you. A huge number of hikers have bumped into this renowned, unexpected, ferocious, unpredictable and theoretically precarious storm. Summer is a season of extreme heat and do you know how it turns to be stormy season? It’s because of the rapid change in weather in the mountain.

As you made your way into the mountain to enjoy, always look at the weather around you. In the mountain, you will encounter a lot and that's why visiting the mountain is the best trip ever during summer. Natural occurring like a storm that is unpredictable can be dangerous to your health as it constitutes, rock slide, temperature changes, hail as well as being struck by lightning. This season of the storm has been clearly shown by Frederic Edwin Church in the form of art.