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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Henri Matisse prints are popular throughout the world thanks to the qualities of this great French artist.

You can find below a selection of his finest paintings as well as plenty of information on this highly skilled artist. Immediately below is a link to our gallery which includes all available prints, which are sold by our recommended retailer Art.com, of which we are a valued affiliate. They offer Henri Matisse giclee prints, stretched canvases, posters and unframed art prints. There is a large selection containing all his major works to buy online with cheap sale prices on offer regularly.

As Matissepaintings.org expands there will be more information on the artist, his exhibitions, galleries and further works also shall be added as they become available from Art.com. Open Window is one of the most popular Henri Matisse paintings and you can see it above in all it's glory. The qualities are the exceptional colours which Matisse combined in this painting which was a key characteristic of his highly recognisable style.

The actual view from which the painting was made does not often have such a colourful view, this was all added from the imagination of Matisse. Matisse has become respected as a key figure in the contemporary arts scene across the 20th century and is a French artist who doesn't fit into the movements of Cubism or Impressionism but had his own styles that he continously attempted to develop year after year.

Two key art methods of Matisse were his simple cutouts which stuck to a choice of just a few bold colours to create abstract works towards the end of his career. Earlier he went for detailed oil on canvas paintings which concentrated on colour above all else and helped to show off Matisse's skillful understanding and innovation with colour and how to combine them. Blue Nude I is a brilliant example of the artistic techniques that Henri Matisse used when he became too old to continue his traditional oil painting.

Matisse's cut out techniques were inspired and the results impressive considering his technique and condition at the time. Many of his cutouts were this same colour scheme of blue on white which works very well as art prints in most contemporary homes. Matisse is a major contemporary artist who stands alongside the likes of Cubism expert Pablo Picasso, Dutch Abstract artist Piet Mondrian as well as abstract expressionists like Franz Marc, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

Wassily Kandinsky was an earlier abstract expressionist who also produced some landscape paintings early in his career. Many from the international art public love to buy reproduction prints of original Matisse works, and there is no doubt that the style of this artist is best served with framed giclee art prints which match his original colour schemes as accurately as possible. Posters are also a good option for those with smaller budgets whilst stretched canvases offer great breadth and a similar clarity to the detail of each original Henri Matisse painting.

Goldfish is a famous painting by Henri Matisse which many love to buy as art prints because of the bright colours used and also the charming subject of goldfish in a bowl which gives a very calming influence on the viewer, making it also an ideal choice for your home. The goldfish themselves are surrounded by an attractive home with pretty flowers which are used to incorporate plenty of colour into the original painting. Matisse was a truly talented artist who enjoyed trying different art mediums and was never scared to stretch his skills as far as possible.

The best known art mediums with which he is now linked to include oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing and collage. His oil paintings are best known, but the cutout collages later in his life are also rightly respected. Matisse passed away in the 1950s, by which time he had taken on a great number of influences from the art world, thanks to his constant facination with how others artists had developed their own careers. The main contributors are believed to be John Peter Russell, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Signac who offered a broad spectrum of ideas for Matisse to work upon in combination with his own methods

Dance is a true classic of contemporary art and resides in Russia with many other famous Matisse paintings after his career proved popular in it's early stages with a key collector who helped to keep the artist going up to when he started to become more accepted in the mainstream. The original was huge but smaller reproduction art prints still work well in your home because of the simplicity of the painting and the bold colours used.

Matisse received most of his training from Académie Julian, William-Adolphe Bouguereau and Gustave Moreau although from an early age it is fair to say that he was always looking to get his own ideas across as much as possible and saw other famous painters as people to consult rather than copy. The end result of this sort of attitude and self-confidence is a career of innovation and creativity which helped Matisse to have built the reputation that he has.

Woman with a Hat is currently stored in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and this painting is another example of Matisse's extraordinary use of colour in his paintings, making a portrait which went much more towards contemporary and abstraction that traditional portrait paintings would ever do. Such bold colour schemes have proved to be very popular in the modern day, in part due to the minimalist style homes that most people have, making a bold and attention grabbing print very necessary to give any room a lift.

Icarus is a further Henri Matisse print from his period of cutouts towards the end of his life when his health was greatily affected. Again, it uses key styles of Matisse in the simple choice of just several colours in his cutouts, with rough shapes achieving his desired result. Art.com are a recommended art retailer who we use ourselves. Art.com specialise in art prints, giclee art prints, framed and unframed posters, tapestries, wall papers and wall prints.

There are also regular Art.com sales with cheap prints available for those who want to enjoy art in their homes but cannot afford more expensive options. The best contemporary artists from the 20th century includes Matisse alongside many other major names of the art world.

Matisse himself was involved in the art movements of Modernism and Fauvism. Other similar painters from these types of contemporary who made a similar mark on the world include William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Gustave Moreau, Marcel Duchamp, André Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck, Henri Rousseau, Hans Hofmann, Franz Marc, Lucian Freud, Cy Twombly, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Piet Mondrian, Fernand Léger and Max Ernst.

List of Famous Henri Matisse Paintings

The career of Matisse was considerable and the artist achieved a consistent high quality of work for many years. For those interested in seeing more paintings beyond just those of his that we include in this website, please see the list below.

  • Woman Reading
  • Le Mur Rose
  • Notre-Dame, une fin d'après-midi
  • The green line
  • The Open Window
  • Woman with a Hat
  • Les toits de Collioure
  • Landscape at Collioure
  • Le bonheur de vivre
  • The Young Sailor II
  • Self-Portrait in a Striped T-shirt
  • Madras Rouge
  • Blue Nude (Souvenir de Biskra)
  • The Dessert: Harmony in Red (The Red Room)
  • Bathers with a Turtle
  • La Danse
  • Still Life with Geraniums
  • L'Atelier Rouge
  • The Conversation
  • Zorah on the Terrace
  • Le Rifain assis
  • Window at Tangier
  • Le rideau jaune
  • The Window
  • La leçon de musique
  • The Painter and His Model
  • Interior A Nice
  • Odalisque with Raised Arms
  • Yellow Odalisque
  • The Dance II
  • Robe violette et Anémones
  • Woman in a Purple Coat
  • Le Rêve de 1940
  • La Blouse Roumaine
  • Le Lanceur De Couteaux
  • Annelies, White Tulips and Anemones
  • L'Asie
  • Deux fillettes, fond jaune et rouge
  • Jazz
  • The Plum Blossoms
  • Chapelle du Saint-Marie du Rosaire
  • Beasts of the Sea
  • The Sorrows of the King
  • Black Leaf on Green Background
  • La Négresse
  • Blue Nude II
  • The Snail
  • Le Bateau