The artist's research was so in-depth that one can be assured of its accuracy in this piece, with Ancient Rome and Greece being his theme. "Victorians in Togas" was the disrepectful comment made to describe his Neo-Classical style, but others appreciated it and onwards he continued. His inspiration was Lawrence Alma-Tadema, a Dutch artist who based himself in the UK and the influence between these artists is clearly evident. From Alma-Tadema came Roman influence, then from Frederic Leighton came the Greek elements.

The model used in this depiction is dressed in a more revealing way than normal, suggesting a lighter material for her outfit. The composition is also unusual for this artist in that the bench and model take up pretty much the entire scene, with little room for anything else. One assumes that the lady is either deep in thought or perhaps even resting during a warm afternoon. Reflection is a common theme for the ladies depicted by the Neo-Classical artists, as well as the Pre-Raphaelites.