The foliage set against the marbled sitting area and bright blue sky immediately catches the eye and is highly typical of this artist. The colours used on the overhanging tree which is carefully cropped in this composition will remind many of a painting by one of Godward's biggest influences, namely The Roses of Heliogabalus by Lawrence Alma-Tadema. The combination of nature with feminine beauty is popular within many art movements, not just the Neo-Classicist work that we discuss here.

The British public was fond of Godward's combination of natural beauties set within Mediterranean scenery during his own lifetime but shortly after would prefer the more modern styles that were appearing from the continent. Nowadays, there is room for everyone and many continue to study the likes of Godward, Alma-Tadema and Leighton, with some of their highlights earning prominent positions within some of the best art collections in the world.