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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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John William Godward was a painter from London, but he travelled to Italy to practise painting. The peacock fan painting shows the beauty of a woman in the most captivating way. The lady’s resting and peaceful face bring out her beauty, and she looks stunning.

John William Godward was a painter born in London; he used Neoclassicism style on this painting. Neoclassicism style was popular in London during the Victorian era, and it was used to show beauty in nature. The style incorporated the use of a bright shade of colour on the paintings to bring out the picture to life. The peacock fan painting was done using oil and canvas to bring out the fascinating look of the painting. The combination of oil and canvas made the colour of the painting stand out and the painting to look more beautiful. The contrasting shades of the lady's dress and the beautiful flowers on the background were made beautiful by the use of the oil and canvas.

Like most of John William's paintings, this painting was commissioned by clients who wanted to celebrate the beauty of their partners. This painting shows a beautiful lady leaning on a wall holding a peacock feather fan. The lady seems to be in deep thought, and John can capture all her beauty and sophistication. The painting of the peacock fan is part of a private collection. The owner of the painting wanted a painting that depicts beauty in all ways as this painting does. From the gorgeous fine lines and details on the lady's face to the lady's gorgeous curves. Additionally, the beautiful garden is an amazing site that gives the picture a touch of sophistication.

John William Godward was a young talented artist who was inspired by Sir Lawrence Alma who was a painter and a teacher at Royal Academy. Sir Lawrence was a mentor to a lot of young students in London. John Williams’s style of painting had a touch of Romanian culture in it, a skill he learned from Sir Lawrence. The peacock fan is a painting that shows the beauty of a young woman holding a fan to her face. The painting depicts the beauty of a woman.