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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The abstract forms found in the paintings of Kazimir Malevich make them highly suitable as reproduction prints, with the artist's simple squares and circles being clear at almost any size.

Russians consider him to be one of the most talented artists from the more recent periods of art history, and many elsewhere in Europe would agree to a certain degree. His variety of work displays a desire to be at the forefront of new ideas. This bold approach also had its drawbacks in that his career took longer to flourish. The audience needed time to adjust to these new artistic styles. Some prefered to dismiss it out of hand, whilst others were persuaded once they understood the approach better.

The most popular choices as art prints are Black Square, Suprematist Composition and Black Circle, which are also his most famous paintings. The level of abstraction was extraordinary, considering the era in which Malevich worked. Art such as this has been truly influential, right across his native Russia and onwards around the rest of Europe. The likes of Malevich, Kandinsky and Chagall helped to shape the direction of art during a critical period of change.

We have discussed elsewhere about how different styles of art prints will suit different styles of homes. Minimalist homes clearly are best suited to the work of artists like Kazimir Malevich. With little else competing for attention, his work can stand out from afar, thanks to its clear lines and shapes. The bright colour schemes are also great for adding a splash of colour to your interior. His overall career was fairly extensive, too, meaning there is plenty of different paintings to choose from.

Famous artists invariably have their work spread right acros the world, making it particularly difficult to get to see all of their finest work. Other than occasional exhibitions, the best option is actually to get high quality art prints. Abstract art is particularly suited to this, where digital production fits closely with the sharp lines and relatively little detail. To get a complex landscape scene, for example, to look correct in a small print would be much harder. One also has the advantage of being able to move them around from time-to-time in order to freshen up your home when required.

Many modern offices have a particularly minimalist style to them and perhaps Malevich prints could also be suited for use there. Companies are making more and more effort nowadays to spruce up their office space in order to reduce staff turnover and improve their worker's happiness and productivity. Art prints could be an easy option to quickly add some colour and could also serve as inspiration for the more creatively-minded individuals. Video displays are also available now that can rotate through a selection of paintings on a pre-agreed timeframe.