The painting is about the famous Roman Emperor called Caracalla. The painting was done by the famous painter Lawrence who was mostly interested in the Roman lifestyle. This piece of beauty features the emperor as the main character of the painting. The painting tells us a lot concerning the emperor and his lifestyle. It also shows us how the emperor lived and how he conducted his empire. There are some characters in the painting who are mostly ladies. Behind the emperor are the servants or concubines that are yet to follow him into his court, The emperor is welcomed by a number of flower girls as if he has returned from a great war or business deal.

They fill his court with flowers as they show him respect. The servants they bow down to him as he walks into the court majestically. This indicates that he was influential and well respected among his people. The emperor is also seen to be introduced by one of his servants who is at the center background. The painting was done in 1902 and lost value after the death of the artist. The artist is famous for painting quite some paintings that tell us about the way of Life of the Romans.

The painting fully describes how the Roman emperor would walk into his coat and how respected he was. It also shows that the emperor had numerous employees and servants with him. The painting fully describes to us the difference between the rich and the poor. This picture is brought about the difference between the dress of the emperor and his servants. The current owner of the painting is currently unknown. This is because most of the paintings done by the artists have lost value ever since his death. Many interpretations have been made concerning the painting. Example include that he might have visited another emperor to sign a treaty or just pay tribute.