However, with Lawrence, he majored into painting the Romans. This was because they were highly idealized by that time and were viewed as gods. However with Lawrence, this was not the case, he saw the Romans as normal humans and therefore was obsessed into painting them just to prove to the rest that they were humans. He wanted to show to the world that the Romans were conducting their daily activities just like other humans. one such painting that stands out to date that was done by this artist is the A Favourite Custom.

The painting Is taken from a large crowd that's only accessible to women. The painting focuses on some characters who had gone to swim and take a hot bath. According to the Romans, this place is known as frigidarium. The painting focuses on two main characters who are swimming at the tab. They seem to be enjoying themselves and seam stress-free. One of the women splashes the water at the other as the other tries to dodge it. The two women who are taking a bath are seen to be playing with the water.

From the background of the painting, we are able to see a bunch of women who are coming in for a bath While others are finishing up and leaving. We can also see that at the door a bunch of who are walking out the frigidarium. It is also noted that this place is only restricted for women since no male character visible in the painting. We can also say that this place was highly reserved for only the wealthy, noble and royal since they are dressed in quality linen.

The artist is also able to give us a detailed description of how the frigidarium looked like. The place is well furnished. With ceramic tiles all over the floor and walls. The bathing pool too is also decently and adequately decorated. A sign of quality and good architecture that the Romans exhibited. The artist also displays professionalism and experience when he's able to bring out a clear form of nudity of the swimming ladies. This form of Art could not be brought out apparently by the time the painting was being made. However, the artist displays the opposite.