This photo was done in 1890 by a Dutch who had specialized in painting. However, after his death, most of his artwork lost their net worth. Later on, the value of his paintings has been seen to be rising up steadily. The painter is understood to be interested in painting the luxurious lifestyle of the Romans. The name of the painting tells that the painting is mostly concerned with having a swim on the cold Roman baths. From the painting, we are able to see multiple characters, but of them, all one stands out the lady being dressed.

The lady being tended to can be thought of as the major character in the painting. However, we cannot tell if she's royal or not we can only safely say that she might be noble. This is because she does not have a crown with her, but her dress suggests that she might be from a wealthy noble family. We can say that maybe she's from having a bath at the frigidarium. And she's being dressed by one of the savants at the frigidarium. The artist also goes on ahead to tell us much about the environment. On the top left background, we are able to notice that the sky is blue and the clouds are visible; this would imply that it was during the day. The fact that there are numerous people at the pool would also suggest that it was a bright sunny day.

The owner of the painting is not known. However, we can talk of the artist as a good storyteller, and one was able to capture moments. His paintings have been featured several art galas attracting many and telling them about the Roman lifestyle. The Frigidarium by Lawrence Alma Tadema is one piece of art to keep in mind, and continuously have a look at it.