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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Lawrence Alma Tadema was a talented painter whose technique was influenced by the Roman culture and the Victorian setting. His painting the silent greeting is a painting that shows his skills in capturing the emotions on people’s faces without overshadowing his talent.

Lawrence Alma Tadema used the romanticism style on the silent greeting painting. This style was expressed with a lot of colour and attention to detail. The painter had a way of capturing the emotions on the people’s faces. His technique was greatly used during the Victorian era and people associated with his paintings back then. When painting the silent greetings the main materials used was the oil and canvas. These materials were perfect when it came to paintings as they had a way of transforming the painting into something magnificent. Lawrence Alma liked to incorporate the architecture and the beauty of a place to all his paintings. This skill made the art pieces and wall paintings to stand out and have a unique aspect to them.

The silent greeting was commissioned by Sir Henry Tate to gift his wife. This was a companion painting to “A foregone conclusion” another painting which he had given his wife as a wedding present. The silent greeting shows a man softly touching a woman and gazing at her with a lot of kindness, while the woman bows her down with a lot of emotions. The silent greeting painting is located at the Tate museum in London UK. The Tate institution is one of four museums that collect, store and protect paintings and art pieces both contemporary and modern. The Tate institution is a non-governmental organization which supports art and cultural beliefs.

The Victorian era inspired most of Lawrence's paintings as he was from that era. His paintings showed the Roman influence in dressings and how people carried themselves. He inspired and mentored young painters in his time as he was a teacher at the royal academy. The silent greeting painting is one of the paintings that show the intimacy between a man and a woman. It depicts raw emotions on their faces that can’t be communicated using words.