The Silver Favourites painting has three characters. Two of which can be thought to be from a noble, rich or even royal. The picture has one lady sleeping (resting), the other seated and the last one is standing. The standing girl is definitely the savant or a slave. This is because unlike the others, her dressing is not that magnificent. The servant is carrying with her a bucket of bread. And can be seen feeding the fish. She makes bread crumbles as she sprinkles them into the water. The fish gather around the pool and eat the breadcrumbs. We can also see right next to the servant lady a second interested lady. She's seated a look at the fish being fed. She's stunned and pays attention to how the lady is feeding the fish and how they are reacting. We can also see that she's fully covered her head with a headscarf, though her face is visible. On her right hand were are able to see a bunch of flowers, Which can be thought of as a gift for her visit.

At the end is the relaxing lady. However, she seems bored. You can tell that she loves flowers since she has a bunch of them on her head. She also seems not interested in the feeding of the fish. This could be because she is used to seeing them, thereby suggesting that she might be at home. On her wrist, there are some jewelery that are beautiful and indicates that she is not from any ordinary background. We are able to tell that they are next to a water body which brings in a view like never before. The artist tells us that they are on a higher flour which makes the view more enhanced. The Silver Favourites painting offers a lot of options for the viewers to explore and draw their own conclusion.