The outline of this story is clear to see within this artwork, with the architectural scenery found in the background and a multitude of figures in the foreground, seemingly in discussion rather than battle at that point. This is perhaps one of the most detailed panels for the Gates of Paradise series, with visual interest spread right across the bronze panel.

The charming tents are perhaps the most impressive part of this panel, with then the fortified city in the background also displaying the artist's growing knowledge of depicting architectural scenes and also putting perspective accurately into artwork.

The photo of Joshua and the Fall of Jericho found in this page does not do justice to the layers that pile up in this sculptured artwork, which cannot be seen from a position of looking from straight in front.

Visiting the panel in person and viewing it from multiple angles is the only way to truly appreciate the majesty of this artwork, and the other panels on these doors. It is likely that Lorenzo Ghiberti would have some help from his assistants within this panel but he would always take a commanding role in planning the composition and would also handle the most important areas of each panel himself.