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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Ellen Mary Cassatt in a White Coat is an exemplary piece of art by the American printmaker and painter Mary Stevenson Cassatt. The stunning artwork showcases the ability of Mary Cassatt to come up with beautiful paintings.

She displays her prowess in delivering precisely what is in front of her eyes without missing a single detail. Mary Cassatt actually painted three distinct portraits with a similar subject. But this particular piece of art became more famous than the other two pieces. The influence behind the development of the painting was the second daughter of Gardner Cassatt, who was Mary Cassatt's younger brother. The family had just visited Mary Cassatt in France. That is when Ellen Marry Cassatt, who was two years old by then sat on the chair with her white coat. That glamorous site inspired Marry Cassatt to go ahead and develop the painting. It ended up becoming a masterpiece gathering praises all over the world. Using the artwork, Marry Cassatt proved that she had a distinct way of delivering art compared to other artists. The whole piece of art is utterly elegant, with an incredible finish.

Mary Cassatt used oil on canvas to create outstanding artwork. By the time she was developing Ellen Mary Cassatt in a White Coat, she had already developed her own unique painting technique called impressionism. Mary was perfect at it and would deliver some of the most stunning paintings. It is the same style she uses to stunningly paint Ellen Mary Cassatt, who was also named after the artist. The painting was developed in the year 1896 by the fantastic painter Marry Cassatt. Through the artwork, it is vivid that Cassatt had an incredible talent. On the portrait, she focuses more on the two-year-old kid and makes sure she ends up with a brilliant piece of art. She is able to capture her looks and emotions stunningly.

She is also seen capturing her white coat, which matches her Cloak. Ellen is seen holding the chair steadily with both hands as she stares into the oblivion. The long coat covers her legs, leaving only her brown shoes exposed. To make sure that she brings out Ellen Mary’s face, she intuitively includes multiple details like adding some texture. She then adds the eyebrows which seem to enhance the emotions of the subject while revealing her true beauty. She, thereafter, adds a simple background to make the painting much more realistic. The resultant piece of art is perfect and elegant to behold. The portrait is currently located in the Boston Museum of Fine arts.