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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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There is much to enjoy within Mary Cassatt prints, with her Impressionist style and feminine-focused content proving to be particularly popular at the moment. Here we discuss the best ways of acquiring a reproduction of this artist's most famous paintings.

This was an artist who addressed women much more frequently than other male artists had done, giving an important perspective on their lives within the late 19th century. Cassatt liked to concentrate on scenes of domestic life, often focusing on the bonds between mother and child. She also captured social events as well, such as trips to the theatre which was a major interest for the middle classes in France at this time. In comparison, her Impressionist colleagues would work from the male perspective, as well as often being more interested in landscape painting in the case of Monet, for example. All of these unique elements to her career have made Cassatt paintings particularly popular as art prints and an increased interest in her career of late has made this even more so the case.

The largest market for art prints in the US and many prefer to go for American artists, wherever possible. Others prefer European influences but there has also been a large crossover in the last few centuries. That is where Cassatt comes in, and she offers a beautiful fusion between the two, as an American artist who lived in Europe for many years and was able to overcome local resistance to her work in order to leave behind an influential oeuvre. There are also many female art followers from other nations who want to see female artists celebrated more fairly and so naturally take more of an interest in careers such as her's. Aside from those groups, of course, there are also those who simply adore her work, regardless of her own personal identity as she was both technically highly skilled and also had an eye for a charming view of society of that era. She also produced a good number of paintings across her career, and so those looking for prints of her work will have plenty of options available.

There are a number of trusted retailers online who offer good quality Mary Cassatt prints as part of larger selections covering the breadth of art history. They will not normally have her entire career output available, but an array of many of her most famous paintings for you to pick from. Currently, the frequently ordered artworks include mother and child portraits which are charming to many, whilst some of the theatre scenes also add some culture to your home. There remains a love in both Europe and America for the late 19th century, even though it was a challenging time for many. It was a time when many parts of society would have leisure time to enjoy for the first time, and also the fashion of the time was classical and elegant in many cases. Impressionism itself has also been particularly popular with the art public, being both accessible and full of character, reaching a healthy balance between traditional styles and a more expressive look, just as we were pushing towards the more contemporary approaches that appeared across the 20th century.

When looking for your preferred print, it is worth taking the time to look through all of the different artworks that Mary Cassatt produced, as there may be a number that you like but had never actually come across before. Copyright has been removed from her career because of the length of time that has passed since, meaning retailers can offer a full array of her career without having to worry about that issue. Their only real thing to consider is being able to source high quality images of these paintings so that the prints are of a good enough quality to sell on commercially. The popularity of the Impressionists more generally has ensured that all of its members will be featured by the major retailers, with many coming across Cassatt's career as a result of first researching the more famous names such as Degas, Renoir and Monet. There has also been an increased focus on her work within the media in recent years as well which has brought in a new generation of fans for her work.

After you have decided upon which artwork to go for, then you can amend the product details, such as size, frame and the type of cover which lays over the top of the print. Some like to go for the original size as Cassatt originally produced, whilst others prefer something more suitable for the wall on which they intend to hang the piece. All of these different options will impact the price of your order, and a framed print will always be more expensive to ship, too. Overseas orders have other considerations such as potential import duty that you may or may not be aware of when purchasing the item. In general terms, larger purchases are certainly best served from stores based in your own country to avoid any potential surprise bills, whereas smaller orders, particularly posters, can be sent very easily and in that case you might look to save money by purchasing from abroad. Some of the best stores to consider include, Google and also some third party sellers on Amazon, though be careful with the latter as it is not always clear as to where they are actually based.

Those looking to go further into the Impressionist movement will find plenty of other potential artworks to choose for art print reproductions. There are a good dozen, at least, of other members of this group who would exhibit alongside each other across the various exhibitions as they attempted to promote their own careers as well as build an overall momentum for the group as a whole. You may be interested in Monet prints, for example, with a huge number of impressive landscape paintings found within his oeuvre, and alternatively you might go for Degas prints, with this artist also being well known to Cassatt herself. He would concentrate on portraiture in a similar manner to the American, and they formed a close bond over a period of many years. He also would capture scenes within the theatre, with ballet dancers being very common and memorable within his own impressive career. Besides these two, there were also many other notable contributors who remain household names in the present day.

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