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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Sarah in a Green Bonnet is among the best paintings developed by the American born painter Mary Cassatt. Developed in 1901, the painting depicts a young girl grinning while gazing away from the painter. Cassatt uses the artwork to yet again demonstrate her capability to recreate her imagination on a canvas.

Everything on the piece of art is perfectly developed. She even adds many details to make the resultant portrait intriguing. The artist uses oil on canvas to come up with outstanding artwork. The style used is impressionism, which was one of the techniques Mary Cassatt had become very fond of. That is because a similar style is seen being used to develop many of her other paintings, including Ellen Mary Cassatt, in a white coat. Her understanding of the impressionism painting technique is incredible, and what is even more fascinating is her ability to use it to come up with some of the best murals.

Throughout her lifetime Mary Cassatt managed to convince the world that she was incredible at developing some of the best portraits. Some of the works she used to prove that include Sarah in a Green Bonnet painting which displays her ingenuity coupled with intensive creativity. Through the piece of art, Marry Cassatt is seen coming up with a clear image of Sarah by focusing more on the subject rather than the objects surrounding her. She does so in an artistic way to deliver an image that is both simple and appealing to the eye.

In the painting, Sarah is seen wearing a green Bonnet, which is uniquely adorned with a floral finish showcasing its complexity. The portrait also shows Sarah’s golden hair flowing flawlessly right above her eyebrows. The inclusion gives Sarah a beautiful outlook. Mary Cassatt then focuses on providing the portrait with a unique touch by giving the subject a beautiful grinning expression and a stunning stare. She uses additional details to bring out Sarah’s beauty by including gorgeous eyes with blond eyebrows.

From the resultant artwork, she seems to have concentrated more on the face to develop an astounding sight to behold. Despite coming up with a minimalist background, Sarah gives it a darker shade to make the subject stand out. The idea of eliminating distractions enables her to make the resultant painting striking. Every stroke is correctly done, and that is why the painting remains to be one of a kind. The Painting Sarah in a Green Bonnet is currently located in the Smithsonian American Art Museum for informational purposes.