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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Mary Cassatt was an American painter born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania in the USA on May 22, 1844. Her mother was a great source of inspiration besides the other family members. She began her school as early as six years in Philadelphia after her family relocation to the area.

Her family valued, travel thus she travelled in various capitals of Europe. While there, she learned German, French and her first music and drawing lessons. She met her first mentors in the Paris World Fair of 1855 that is Gustave Courbet, Eugene Delacroix. Later on her carrier, she met Jean Auguste, and Camille Carot, Berthe Morisot, and Emily Sartain. She also met Harry Havemeyer, Louisine elder and many others. At 15 years old, she joined the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts to study painting. She had much interest in feminist arts after all her objection as a female in her work. Later on, she went to several schools, all them trying to gain painting skills. In 1866 she overcame her father objection and went to Paris with her mother and few friends. She joined louvre, where she studied private art lessons.

In 1870, she went back to the US, where her father continued to resist her carrier. In 1871 she went back to Spain, Europe. Archbishop of Pittsburgh in Parma, Italy supported her greatly. After finishing their works, she went to Madrid and established a studio in Seville. In Seville, she made the Spanish dancer wearing a lace Mantilla. It was in 1873 after copying the Spanish masters’ paintings. In 1874 she exhibited her art in Paris salon using the title Ida. The art caught the attention of French impressionist Edgar Degas. He joined her artwork, and through him, she met many painters.

The art illustrated the style and beauty of the local Spanish woman. She made it using oil on a Canvas with a length of 65x50cm. The painting is for educational and information purposes. Its kept in Smithsonian America Art Museum and Renwick Gallery in Washington DC. Later in the 1890s, she became more ambassadorial on painting. She also became mature enough to control all the external forces to her carrier. Besides, she became a mentor to several American artists who had a passion for her creations. Everyone who comes to her with inquiry she helped him like Lucy A. Bacon. Besides, she introduced them to the impressionist group for more exposure. She made many paintings till her old age where she died in 1926 near Paris.