The immense artistry of the founding Renaissance painter is evident as his work highlights as Masaccio uses an array of intercut detail. The painting illustrates the Baptism of the Neophytes as expressed through the title of the artwork.

Masaccio entered the style of the artwork by manifesting a different technique that illuminates the forms and structures through the piece. The founding colours of the artwork are a creamy gold colour that illuminates the artwork, uprising an elephant renaissance feel to the work. A religious figure shares the focal point of the painting, alongside the sinner of whom he is baptizing.

The man who is being baptized is knelling as he tilts his head downwards with his arms together. The man is deeply embedded within his baptizing as he seizes the holy event.

The man baptizing him pours a wooden bowl of holy water on the man, drenching his hair as it falls upon his face covering his features. The manÕs light brown hair accentuates his masculine nude body as he is baptized. The man wears a white clothe along his waist covering himself while uncovering the rest of his body.

Masaccio had showcased an array of other characters within the background of the artwork behind the baptizing. These figures do not seem seized by the event, but instead act as background individuals adding to the detailed illustration throughout the artwork. The background figures are male bystanders whose gaze wonders around.

The middle background figure illustrates a man shirtless, waiting his turn to be baptized. Based on this figure, the setting of the artwork seems to showcase an area in which baptisms occurred. The three nude men are striped of their clothing preparing for the event. Two male figures stand to the left section of the painting as their bodies are cut off; however still showcase their impeccable attention to the scene of the work.

Their sharp gaze is fixed on the baptism, as both dress in a head turban and long covering clothing. The artists had included these figures illustrating their gaze towards the events that are occurring, rather than the other men who's site wonders around.

The physical setting of the scene seems to be based in the mountains, where sand dunes fill the background of the artwork, adding to the biblical context these scenes hold.

The artist had illustrated the background with a soft painting technique that gently intertwined the figures together as one; with shares of black, gold, and nude. The array of colours and forms mix together creating a calm background that accentuates the artwork.

Masaccio's artwork impacted the renaissance era immensely as his work founded a new genre of art. The mastery of style and colour transcends the common work of the period to revaluating artwork. The work of Masaccio showcases a classic period in history that transformed the art scene immensely.