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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The painting, Adam and Eve - Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, showcases Masaccio's mastery understanding of colour, perspective, and form

The impeccable painter from the renaissance era is one of the first founding artists from his time.

The artwork is considered a fresco; a type of mural based on lime paint that was executed during the renaissance era. The fresco was displayed in a church as Masaccio and his contemporary Masolino were commissioned to paint the artwork. The classic renaissance artist covered the walls of the Brancaccio Chapel in Florence in an array of fresco murals.

The painting showcases the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden from the biblical story of the Catholic religion. There is an array of sources the artist was believed to draw from to aid the inspiration of his artwork. Masaccio was inspired by numerous sculptures from Greek mythology, and a crucifix created by Donatello.

The works of Michelangelo immensely inspired Masaccio as he integrated his style and technique into his own understanding of art.

The portrait showcases the main themes presented within the book of genesis that outline the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the garden. As the couple are tempted to eat the unknown fruit of good or evil they follow into their desires and betray god, creating the first immortal sin. The story of Adam and Eve is one of the most prominent stories of history as it showcases the original sin of humanity.

The painting illustrates the two figures distraught as they are forced to leave the Garden of Eden. EveÕs face is tilted upwards in agony as he mouth falls open. Her body is lightly tilted forward as she places her right arm against her breasts covering them. It is interesting to note how while Eve covers her body in all angles, AdamÕs gentiles are showcased within the painting.

Eve's body is coloured in a light shade of nude, while Adam is covered in a deeper shade. Adam's body is showcases as his muscular form is portrayed within the painting. Adam walks hunched over as he places his hands upon his face covering his eyes in shame and pain.

Adam and Eve walk together in the same direction together as an angel escorts them from above. The angle holds a large black sword in one hand as she forces them to leave. Her form is still betrayed from a mystical presence as she is clothed in a deep red dress with matching coloured wings. The angel's features are covered in a similar nude colour as to EveÕs, while Adam's dark presence remains as a focal point.

The setting of the artwork is based in the tropical desert in which the Garden of Eden is based. Yellow coloured sand fills the floor, while a light blue sky covers the overhead section of the background. The linear angle in which the artwork is based in allows for the viewer to witness Masaccio's ability to incorporate colour and form into his work.