Paolo Uccello used a style known as the idiosyncratic to bring all his painting to life. In as much as he was a great painter he did not teach anybody his art technique, and thus he had no followers in his footsteps. He mainly worked in the late Gothic tradition during his time, and he emphasized pageantry and colour in his art. This was different from the artists of his time who used classical realism to show all their art.

Paolo Uccello was a great artist of his time, and it has been hard to determine the materials and method he might have used on his work. This led to a lot of research getting done to some of his famous workpieces. It is believed that he used egg tempera mixed with walnut oil to give some gloss to the colour. He also used two layers of anhydrite mixed with egg tempera to brush the painting on top and give it deep colours. The French government owns the Portraits of Giotto, Uccello, Donatello, Manetti and Bruno. The portrait is kept away safely in Louvre museum which is the largest art museum in the whole of France. The Louvre museum is among the most visited art museums in the world; this is because the art museum has a lot of famous art pieces. Initially, the museum was a castle, and there are some fortress remnants in the basement of the museum. This means that the Louvre art museum is the perfect place to keep the art piece.

The portrait was done as a wall hanging to adorn a house; most believe that it was part of interior décor in a house. The portrait has the faces of Paolo Uccello’s close friends with whom he shares most of his youthful life. The portrait may have been to commemorate their strong bond as friends and show all the struggles they had gone through together. Paolo Uccello was very close with his friends he even named his daughter after one of his friends and mentor Antonio Manetti. This shows the level of loyalty and respect he had to his friends and how close they had become over the years. Everybody enjoys a piece of art hanging on their wall. Art has a way of bringing history back to life and has a way of starting a conversation. The portrait shows love, loyalty and friendship among friends.