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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Vincent van Gogh is a Dutch painter who did a portrait of his mother. The Portrait of the Artist mother is dated 1888 and was drawn from a black and white photograph that was sent by his sister. The artist believed that the picture was colourless and plain thus encouraging him to do a portrait of her.

Vincent Van Gogh wanted to put a hint of painting rich in colours that would bring out life from the mother. The idea of the portrait was to draw with a crown of flowers as her mother loved plants and flowers. She loved colours as she was an amateur artist and this is the main theme that is portrayed by the artist. The portrait entails a monochromatic sequence of green paints around the face and the head to symbolise her love for nature. Thereafter the black clothing that is well fitted with a neck fitting which boldly brings out the pride and the dignity of the beautiful woman.

The portrait of the artist's mother is in an oil painting form which is subtle. The background is done with a bright colour that gives life to the painting. When hanging the portrait in a well-lit room it adds a plush touch to it. The base technique allows the good blend of the black and green touch on the face of the mother. About choosing the colour, Vincent felt that he should embrace the distinct love of the wild which was his mother’s favourite thing.

Vincent van Gogh planned the theme to embrace the environment and the touch of the colour reduces apathy when viewed at first sight. The material majorly was the canvas which is very nice when doing a monochromatic sequence. The portrait dimensions are 40.5 cm by 32.5 cm and are among the series of family portraits that were being done by Vincent in honour of the mother.

The artist is greatly inspired by the bold characteristics of the mother, which were his great intentions when doing this piece. The precision in this piece is an indication of his greatness in the art world. His inspiration is drawn from the character and prestige of the mother makes him do an exquisite painting in her memory. Manifesting emotions in his work were the stronghold of all his landscapes, therefore, scintillating art.

One of the most notable works that precede the celebrated artist is the landscape he did Memory of the Garden at Atten. A well-known painting shows three women in a garden. This was one of many of his popular works. The portrait of the artist’s mother is a depiction of his vast techniques and abilities to portray emotion in one picture. His impeccable skills make his work magnificent.