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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Alfred Sisley used impressionism, surrealism, and photorealism. He was attracted by the nature of Moret town where he lived. Not forgetting the attractive bunks of the Loing river, as it was his best style of painting in all his arts.

In this particular paintings, a winding road can be seen in a distance, poplar trees with bare trunks are on the sides of the bunk .and in a far distance, a person is seen standing outside a house with white walls which is close to the banks of the canal. This artist not only painted the canal du Loing but he had several paintings which are, avenue of chestnut trees located at La Celle Saint cloud in 1965, others are the view of the canal martin, the grand Rue in Argenteuil and the bridge at Villeneuve la Garenne and many more. He got inspiration from Gustave Geffroy, and Sisley patin .most of his paintings was recognized to be a public domain.

In this particular paint, the mood is calm, content, stimulating as a black man is seen standing alone outside the house, thought-provoking, and unhappy as seen from the in this artwork, the artist presented it from far away, sideways, resting, and standing down as shown from the positioning of poplar trees and curve of the canal. Winding roads are seen disappearing in the distance.

In this particular paint, the color used is natural, clear, earthy, stimulating, harmonious, bright, and light, as it was his best way of painting most of his arts, with the sky covering his paints. The artist uses a smooth, light uniform and unvarying tone to show the love of nature. In this painting, the artist used a landscape format, foreground, horizontal, spacious, free, positive space and balanced elements as shown by the sky. Alfred Sisley is among many artists whose paintings were used to pass communication to society. The Canal du Loing painted in 1892 is one of his paintings that made him well known to the people; this paint was located at Moret landscape after his settlement in Moret Sur Loing. This article will explain the artist’s intention of painting this art.