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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on January 18, 2024
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Discover some of Sisley's best work, with this selection of prints.


Alfred Sisley was a true artistic specialist, focusing almost exclusively on landscape art whilst being a key member of the Impressionist movement. His work has consequently proven popular as art print reproductions, both in the years after his death, but also still today.

This article underlines the qualities that he held as an artist, and discusses some of his most popular art prints. Further information on related artists can also be found in print articles about the likes of Degas, Pissarro, Cassatt and Morisot.

Qualities of Sisley's Paintings

Sisley's landscapes scenes will remind many of the work of fellow Impressionist, Claude Monet. Sisley's own interpretations have sometimes been criticised as stale, but modern tastes appear to have rejected this claim. Many mainstream art followers adore his oeuvre, finding it charming and consistent.

This artist may have lacked the ambition of others, but keeping his approach relatively unchanged allowed those who appreciate his work to find many paintings across his oeuvre to interest them. This additionally allows customers to add multiple prints from his career to theme a room exclusively around his career.

Sisley used fairly sombre tones in his work, far less bright and bold than the likes of Monet. This gives his work a unique look, and also suits a particular taste who prefer art to be a little understated. Many also appreciate the distinct nature of the French countryside, and Sisley would concentrate almost exclusively on it.

Printing Options

Those who wish to purchase Sisley prints will need to go through all of the works that he produced to pick their favourite. Additionally, you can then customise it with a frame, inlay card, and also a screen over the top for protection. Much will depend on taste and budget, as well as a need to stay consistent with other prints already in your home or office.

We have included the main highlights from his career within our paintings section, and these remain the most popular choices for art prints. Some will have something more specific, such as perhaps a place in mind that they themselves have visited in the past, or even have lived. Alternatively, one might be looking for a general river scene, or perhaps a landscape covered in snow or other seasonal effects.

Popular Paintings

Snow at Louveciennes, The Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne and Villeneuve-la-Garenne are currently three of the most popular paintings to be reproduced. River scenes continue to be highly regarded, and appear to capture the mood of the French landscape perfectly. Monet tapped into this many times within his career, and these river scenes, including of the Seine, are key parts of the Impressionist oeuvre.

The Impressionists would then impress in other content too, such as with the figurative work of Degas who would study ballerinas in considerable detail. Monet also developed his knowledge of the changing seasons and Renoir brought us many exciting group paintings in which the social lives of the middle classes were brought to life in front of our eyes.

Variety of Stores

The online world has allowed many new art businesses to offer print reproductions. It has also become far easier to offer a full range of an artist's career, simply by updating their online catalogues. Many of the most famous names will have hundreds of works by the end of their career, and followers will often choose more obscure works to add to their own homes.

One must consider a number of aspects when choosing where to source your product from. Delivery can add much to the overall price, particularly if the item is already framed. You might consider framing any print locally yourself, and simply order the print as a rolled flat item to avoid some of these large delivery costs.