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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Alfred Sisley was born on the 30th day in the year 1839 and died in the year 1899 in Paris, France. During his time, Sisley was one of the most renowned landscape painters during the 19th century and a key figure in the Impressionist group of painters.

However, Alfred Sisley, who was at the time the only Englishman among the many French Impressionists, in the present, is relatively unpopular among many people. Among the Impressionists of the time, Sisley happened to be the most reputable landscape painter because his paintings were pure. Throughout his painting career, Alfred Sisley was able to paint close to 900 portraits using high-quality oil paints on canvas. Specifically, his painting, Regatta at Molesey near Hampton Court, made popularly and made him famous in relation to the Impressionist painting style. Among the 900 paintings he painted, less than a dozen of them were still-life paintings, and the rest of his paintings were landscape portraits which included but were not limited to forest scenes of Fontainebleau and Louveciennes. He also painted portraits of cityscapes, industrialization, as well as people figures that indicated the serenity of a ranch surrounding.

Alfred Sisley was specifically motivated and inspired by water and bridge scenes, as it were the case with his painting, Regatta at Molesey near Hampton Court. However, he only depicted rowers while painting his aquatic art pieces, particularly, Regatta at Molesey near Hampton Court painting that he created while on a visit to England in the year 1874. The painting he created depicted the Upper Thames within Molesey, which appeared brighter as compared to others that he had previously produced. Regatta at Molesey near Hampton Court was painted in the year 1874, and its kept in Musee d'Orsay, where it has been held from 1986.

Alfred Sisley's perception was close to the old Hampton Court bridge, and Molesey Lock was in the middle of the painting. However, the building and the small hut portrayed in Sisley's picture have been demolished in the present. The painting portrays Sisley's real-life experiences of the river Thames, and it was the only oil paint on canvas artwork that Alfred Sisley painted while on a visit to London, England, during the time. The painting's subjects were located near the Hampton Court and by the river Thames towards the small town of Molesey. In this clear and radiant painting work, Alfred portrayed the Thames in colorful scenes with boating activities, swimming, and others walking under the bright sunlight.