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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The Meadow by Alfred Sisley was painted in 1875. The painting is located at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Alfred was one of the painters in France to develop the impression style of painting. The painting by Alfred Sisley pictures a meadow that is located in Louveciennes, a small town in the Northern part of France. The Meadow has many flowers that include daises and blueberries.

The painting also shows two little girls dressed in aprons in the colour blue playing in the Meadow. The sky above the Meadow is the colour blue, which is a beautiful contrast with the almost golden grass on the ground. The Meadow also has a rickety wooden fence that separates two pieces of land. An observer can also see the community of Louveciennes at a distance. The landscape of the small communal village is one with hills and valleys. Alfred Sisley brought out that feature of the commune through the painting of the Meadow. From the picture, one can observe that the people of Louveciennes are a farming community with several lands that are tilted and planted. The well-executed painting shows the kind of people and the terrain of Louveciennes.

Alfred Sisley used oil to paint his masterpiece. Oil creates an impression of moving objects in the frame. He also used a wooden canvas, which was a popular style during that time. The technique Alfred Sisley was a style called an impression. The method of impression was introduced to the world by some French painters in the 1870s and took the world by storm, and eventually, Alfred Sisley used it to create The Meadow. The style of impression uses soft and light strokes of the paintbrush to form images that are not very clear to an observer and therefore creating the impression that the image is in movement. The style Alfred used was perfect for showing the Meadow. It looked like the Meadow was brought to life.

The careful light strokes make the images appear like they are in movement. The use of this particular style and oil on canvas much added to the element of motion. The colours that Alfred used in the painting ideally suited to each other. The pairings of blue and green and browns showed how Alfred Sisley mastered the art of execution. Today, art lovers can purchase a copy of the painting in many art galleries and websites with the dimensions they would want and orientation as well.