Few artists have captured the beauty of theatre and ballet as accurately or as comprehensively as French artist, Degas. In order to achieve this level of perfection with oil, he would need to prepare intensively in other mediums first. The talented draughtsman made use of graphite to produce this study drawing of a dancer adjusting her slipper.

This exquisite drawing made use of the initial lines of graphite which were then extended with touches of black and white chalk that helped to strengthen some areas of the composition. This drawing is approximately 24cm wise by 33cm long. This fairly standard size may have meant that originally this was a part of a sketch album before later being separated.

This artwork can now be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York along with several other Degas drawings. It was donated to the institution back in 1929 by Mrs H O Havemeyer who gifted a large collection of art as part of her will. Even today these remain amongst its most significant pieces within this medium. Degas himself was a highly regarded draughtsman but his connection to the Impressionists and French art more generally has helped to lift his profile and reputation.

Dancer Adjusting her Slipper in Detail Edgar Degas