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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Apart from depicting art in its natural form, Degas enjoyed adding an element of spontaneous life to it. The French artist immensely adored depicting his delicate ballerinas in all of their grace.

The artist initially began showcasing these beautiful figures on stage as seen in his work Dancer Tilting, Dancers Pink And Green, and A Grecian Dance. The artist later on transformed his work to showcase the beauty of behind the scene glimpse of ballerinas preparing to go on stage. Some of the artist's adored pieces that give the viewer a glimpse as to performers preparing to go on stage include Ballerinas Adjusting Their Dresses, Dancers In Pink, and The Actresses Dressing Room. All of these marvellous paintings allow for the viewer to feel as if they’re getting a glimpse to all of the secrets that go on back stage prior to preforming.

Other than showcasing ballerina’s dancing and nude women bathing, Degas was immensely captivated by performers back stage. Whether the artist spent some time analyzing ballerinas preparing to perform, or his art is solely based on his imagination, he has created some breath taking pieces. This stunning pastel on paper tempera showcases two stunning figure standing near one another as they prepare to go on stage. The woman to the left is dressed in a beautiful baby pink tutu that flares outwards around her waist into a bell shape. Her tutu goes towards her knees where her white stockings finally meet.

The captivating element of her gown are the stunning bright pink flowers that cover her dress. These flowers are sporadically placed upon her dress to accentuate the plain pink fabric. Degas showcases the light ruffles of her tutu in white chiffon. The gifted artist is able to showcase the texture of the tutu through the canvas. These stunning pink flowers continue into the woman’s hair as they cover in a band. The captivating element of the piece is the woman’s blonde hair tied in an updo. Almost all of the ballerinas and performers within the artist work have dark brown hair. Since the French usually had dark features and rarely had blonde hair. Degas depicted them this way.

The woman placed her right hand against the stage as she uses her other hand to fix her slipper. The woman stares to the side of the stage as she prepares to go on stage and preform. The woman seems rather calm and is possessed by the task of fixing her show before she heads on stage. Another woman stands to her left in a similarly beautiful golden gown. Yellows straps fall off of the woman’s shoulders exposing her pale chest. Her tutu flutters outwards towards her knees. The stunning dress is layered in a number of ruffles that layer upon one another. The golden dress matches perfectly with the woman’s dark brown hair.

Similarly to the woman in pink, the woman in gold has yellow flowers in her hair. Her hair is tied downwards into a braid with a few additional pink flowers. Additionally, at the bottom of the braid the woman is paired of butterfly orange wings. The ballerina is most likely playing a part in which the wings match her role. A bright red corset hugs the waist of the woman. The viewer is unable to see the full woman as the canvas cuts her out. Only a small glimpse of the side of her face is evident in a tanned skin tone. Finally, these women stand facing apart from one another, yet seem to both be preparing to go on stage.