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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Edgar Degas left no element untouched when showcasing his masterpiece Dancer With A Bouquet Bowing. This stunning piece dates back to 1877 and is a pastel on paper piece. Degas was a gifted enough artist to be able to showcase impeccable detailing through the use of pastels.

The focal point of the piece, the young girl in yellow bows bends towards the crowd. She places her right leg in front of the other and bows as she holds her skirt up. She is drench in a captivating yellow romantic tutu that falls towards her knees in endless layers of lacy chiffon. While Degas depicts her skirt in a yellow shade, he uses hues of blue near the top part of her dress. This create an ombrŽ contrast that falls towards the bottom. In the middle between the blue and yellow, a small glimpse of green is depicted where they meet. Through the use of pastels, the artist was able to giftedly showcase the soft and fluffy material of the ballerinaÕs skirt. The exact same material lines the bust of the woman, which then falls off of her shoulders. Near her waist a yellow corset is placed to bring the two pieces together: a light floral embroidery is designed into her corset. Alongside, small flowers are sewed onto her stunning tutu.

As the woman bows toward the audience in thanks of their awe, she holds onto a bouquet in her left hand. Numerous colourful flowers fill the bouquet then wrapped in flowers. To the left of the woman, other ballerinas fill the stage in a yellow, green, and teal costume. While their bodies are cut out of the frame, you're still able to catch a glimpse of their costume. Behind the prominent ballerina accepting the bouquet, an additional group of women in mint dresses fill the painting. A group of four ballerinas look off the side of the stage onto a large tree placed as part of the setting. These women are dressed in a similar romantic tutu, however in a cool colour tone. Their rich coloured costume brings the viewer's attention towards them in awe of their graceful form. Small blue and red ribbons fill their hair, alongside a bright red corset.

The interesting element to note throughout the artwork are the two men standing in the background holding large yellow umbrellas. These men are used to add to the setting of what seems like a foreign theme. This exotic element adds interest for the crowd as they wonder what is going on. To the right of the piece even more woman fill the stage dressed in bright yellow costumes, alongside a white skirt. In continuation with the theme, their hair is tied in a colourful ribbon. It seems as if the array of people on the stage add to the artwork in a fascinating element questioning what is exactly occurring.

The background wall is filled with hills and horizons on top of one another as rich shades of green and yellow swirl into one another illuminating a never ending realm. The light blue sky is filled with white clouds and a baby pink sunset. This stunning background adds immense dimension to the artwork. Alongside creating a mystical emotion of never-ending beauty. The artist uses a tad bit more detailing to showcase the focal ballerina accepting the bouquet. He then slowly merged the background together as one in beauty of what is truly occurring. The floor in which the ballerina stands is shaded in a dark brown that is meant to resemble dirt.