It is considered a landscape painting, and is one of the paintings from the later stages Franz Marc's career. The painting is approximately 100 x 79.5 cm, and is currently located in the Franz Marc Museum in Germany.

The style of the painting is expressionist, which is evident from the techniques and composure that Franz Marc used in its creation. Expressionism was an artistic movement that occurred in the early 20th century.

This movement originated in Germany, and Franz Marc was one of the early influences in the development of the style and artistic scene. Expressionism sought to distort reality through an emotional lens, and represent the world from an emotional perspective in an attempt to evoke a reaction from its audience.

Expressionism is considered difficult to define, due to the fluidity and subjective representation of its content. However, Haystacks in the Snow is a great example of this type of work from the heart of the expressionist period.

Franz Marc drew from his own inspiration and the work of others in that time period to create the well-respected and admired work. Haystacks in the Snow is a unique painting that stands out from some of his other works during that time period. Although it is easily recognizable as his work, it still remains stands out as a piece that defies the particular commonality at that time.