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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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One of the greatest works of Franz Marc is Red Horses, depicting two horses grazing and one drinking from a brook.

Franz Marc was by 1911 becoming a master of symbolism through the use of color as brought out in “Red horses”. His work was heavily influenced by his friends from Paris, that he met in 1907 and earlier in 1903.

There is, however, a heavy hint of Kandinsky, a German painter known for his romantic paintings. The artist was particular about the use of color, a trait Marc picked in all earnest.

Marc felt that color needed to stand for itself clearly and fully. The colors used by Franz Marc has all intent and purpose and were not merely a ‘togetherness’ of arbitral designs.

Red Horses provides a wide range of expressions all of which Franz had the intention to bring out. The horses matted in red in this case brought out ‘earthiness’.

Red for him, brought out danger but this is toned down by the green and the blue which calms the otherwise nervous animals. The surrounding does not entirely blot out the danger the horses are painted in but enhances the ability of nature to calm them down.

The use of red to cover the horses in an almost complete sense is a bold step on his side though not meant to flatten color, an art form Fauves used. The design maintains his illusionist touch reflecting the vitality of the horses.

The painting is also set to provide a feel of the strength than nature provides. Franz being keen to accurately depict the anatomy of the animals; brings out something that he has not cared for in most of his other paintings.

He is keen on the curves and the particular anatomy and keeps the bay the use of abstract reality as see in his other pieces. The Red horse is clearly one of his most coveted masterpieces bringing out expressionism in contrast and harmony at the same time.