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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Red Bull painting is one of the well-known paintings of Franc Marc

Born in 1880 in Munich, Germany to a family of artists, as his father was a landscape painter, he had the motivation one can dream of to steer him into becoming the person he was.

At his young age, he took an interest in Parisian art and the then well-known artist in Paris France where he had travelled in his early 20’s. It is from here that he learnt of his unique style of creation after viewing the different forms and styles used by such artist like Paul Gauguin, Picasso and Van Gogh.

The red bull painting depicts an enormous red bull sited on its belly. The bull appears to be looking at it indicating it is conscious of the environment around it.

The Red Bull painted in the year 1911 around which the terror of the pending World War 1 was starting to roam; it may seem to portray the idea that the bull was conscious of the dangers surrounding it.

The variety of colours which are eye appealing used in this painting well brings out the artist style of art with the extravagance of oil.

Franc Marc integrates much colouring in his works, and most of his works depict this. Such paintings as Red Deer 11, Red Woman, Three Animals (Dog, Cat, and Cat), Three Horses, and Tiger all are well painted using the same style of colours. He is conspicuous in animal paintings showing his love for harmony which animals symbolises in most cases.

He had a close relationship with a fellow artist named Vasily Kandinsky whom they formed Der Blaue Reiter movement.

The purpose of the campaign was to make a joint exhibition of their artworks as it seen with their first of the kind in Munich, Germany in 1992.