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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Currently housed in the Milwaukee Art Museum, United States, the 1913 oil on canvas is one of Marcs' later pieces and demonstrates his passion for animals and the animal form

With its' cat-like tail yet rabbit shaped head, it is not entirely clear which mythical beast Marc was inspired by but what is clear is the long years of study that enabled him to create his mythical hybrid and make it seem so natural yet so extraordinary.

His beautiful use of green and red, the only colours to be found in the painting, works perfectly to enhance the stature of the subject within the image.

Yet it is only upon closer viewing that the more subtle emotions and information is discovered. This is a nocturnal animal, the scant trace of a crescent moon in the top of the painting and small, barely larger then the foliage beside it.

This brings to the viewer a stark reminder of only being small creatures in an expanding world.

Born in Munich, 1880, to Wilhelm Marc who was a landscape artist of the time, Franz Marc was educated at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts before travelling to France and becoming acquainted with the artist circles of Paris and finding inspiration in the works of Vincent van Gogh.

Unfortunatly, due to the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914, Marcs' career as a public artist ended with upon entering the German army. However, this did not end his career as an artist entirely as by 1916, Marc was painting camouflage tarpaulins for the military in order to hide artillery from enemy aircraft.

Marc would never return to the domain of Expressionism as, despite a recall of renowned artists from the war effort, Marc was killed by shrapnel during the Battle of Verdun before such orders could reach him.