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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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One of Marc’s paintings on sleeping animals was that of sleeping horses

An artist who was well known for his talent on painting back in the 19th century was Franz Marc. Franz Marc who lived between the time periods of 1880-1916 was a well-known German painter and print-maker.

He was one of the famous key figures of the German Expressionist movement. Franz Marc was among the first artists to love the art of sleeping animals. Most of Marc’s paintings were paintings of animals.

Painting is an art that is mostly liked by a vast majority of people around the world. Sleeping is something that all animals do; it’s a part of us, and we cannot survive on this beautiful planet without sleep. The picture of an animal like for example a cat or a dog that is curled up and sleeping is something that looks so much adorable.

Many people like having pets in their lives. Now, having sleeping animals’ paintings in your home or even workplace is something that will decorate your house.

This painting was painted in the year 1913. He used the cubism style. The dimensions of this painting were 38.74 by 43.82 cm. What many people liked about Franz Marc’s paintings was the fact that he painted animals that were in their natural settings. Some of the paintings he painted on cats sleeping showed the cats in their natural states of grooming and sleeping.

This talent of painting that he Franz had evoked a deep sense of emotion. The primary colors used to paint the sleeping cats depicted some deeper meaning. This is because the blue color in the painting meant masculinity and spirituality. The yellow color represented feminine happiness while the red color depicted violence.