Using the style of Cubism, Three Horses depicts wild horses grazing on fields in a peaceful manner. This is one of Franz Marc's more unique depictions of animals, as this was one of his few attempts to use a different style other than expressionism or Der Blaue Reiter.

Three Horses is an artwork subjective to interpretation, and stands out from Franz Marc's other pieces due to the rarity of using abstract shapes for his depiction of the animals.

Franz Marc only took this approach to a new style of painting due to attending the Futurist Show held at Strum Gallery in Berlin, April 1911. Franz used cubism to emphasis and heighten the sentiment and realism presented through his paintings, and has said that he wants to honor Pablo Picasso by using cubism.

His use of vivid abstract shapes and intensity of the darker colors in "Three Horses" reflects the events occurring in his life at the time of creation.

Events that occurred during the time of this art piece's creation range from being enrolled into the army to fight in World War 1 and a thirst to explore what other styles he can present animals in.

Created towards the end of the cubism style of art era, it is one of the last paintings using true cubism painted by an acclaimed artist, and signals the drop in popularity of cubism. Though not as well known as other pieces of art from Franz Marc, the painting is still recognized as one of Franz's more unique style.