In the foreground, the blue cat is busy grooming itself, while in the background, the yellow cat is snuggled up for a quiet afternoon nap.

What is most interesting about this painting is the unusual colouring of the two animals. In Two Cats Blue and Yellow, Franz Marc has once again created a portrait of realistic animals in their natural environment, but rendered in striking primary colours.

This use of bold primary colours and thick brush strokes brings each one of Franz Marc's works to life; every painting brimming with and emotional vivacity. Franz Marc was a German expressionist who adhered to the philosophy that specific colours would evoke certain emotions in the viewer. For example, blue would be used to represent maleness and spirituality, while yellow would be utilized to convey femininity and joy.

Keeping this artistic philosophy in mind, the two serene felines in Two Cats Blue and Yellow take on a very clear symbolism and deeper message than what initially appears to be a simple painting of two house cats at rest.

Two Cats Blue and Yellow was painted in 1912, at the end of Franz Marc's mature period. Other works from this year by Marc include Red Bull, The Dream, The Little Monkey, The Tiger, Lizards, and In the Rain. It was also during this year that The Blue Riders, an artist's circle which included Marc and Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, published their almanac, The Blue Rider journal.

Franz Marc died four years later in 1916 from shrapnel wounds at the famous WWI Battle of Verdun. He was 36 years old.