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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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This art work shows the powerful and simple lines united with the rounded drawings that design the horses, which made him famous

Marc Franz achievements were highly recognized by many people. In his early work, he painted his mother, Sophie in profile, sitting reading a book. The formation is almost flat, as he used toned down colors that were classic of natural realism.

As Marc expanded as a painter, his choice of colors was much bolder. He followed a different approach to painting as he discovered more simplified colors and bright lines.

Marc gave an emotional purpose to the colors he chose in his work. Yellow described feminine delight, blue was used to describe masculinity and spirituality, and red violence.

Most of his work portrayed animals in natural settings. For Marc, they were the excellent subject for beauty, purity, and truth. He interpreted the world as seen through the eyes of the animals. The appearance of the animal pursued to become more outstanding in his art.

Marc's two horses is a 1911 painting, which is a good example of his artistic outlook.

He chose these forms and plain lines, as the reflection in the background scene showing that he used to merge the blue horses and their setting.

At first glance, the painting looks straight forward, but is filled with symbolism, where red, yellow, and blue colors show distinct emotional states.

In Marc's painting of the two horses, they are arranged in a crescent, with each of the horses displaying towards the left.

It should be recognized that the horses are illustrated a little bulky, because they are bundled together in a compressed area that is fully blue. The horses are combined into the mountainous landscape, surrounded by two white lines.

In his published articles, Marc Franc states that the horses represent breakthrough, and the color blue represents spirituality.

The horse was an outstanding subject in Marc's work, which focused on animals as figures of rebirth.

Franc Marc shared an interest in abstracted forms and bright colors with painters Der Blaue Reiter, and Wasily Kendinsky.

The German painter tragically died on March 4th, 1916 in France, at a young age. He was only 36 years old.

Today Franz Marc is considered to be one of the most famous painters of Germany. His unique style and creative approach will be remembered and cherished.