From the art work we are able to view the true essence of male companionship and loyalty. He uses mainly oil on canvas in this particular work. One thing that will surely catch your attention about Jonathan's token to David is how unique this work is. You actually need to look at it in many points of view to understand the message behind it. He knows his way through a canvas and that can be said through how his work still stands out centuries later after they were brought to life.

If you are a lover of art then am sure you must have heard of the legendary Frederic Leighton. The man is known for his great artwork and for being a great sculptor. His work which ranges in between 1878 and 1896 was known by all who know how to value artwork. Most of his work are depicted either from history, the bible or the classic. That is where the artwork Jonathan's token to David came to life. In the art Jonathan's token to David it's like the friendship of the biblical legends David and Jonathan put on canvas with paint. The painting shows a scene from the bible where Jonathan tries to save David from Saul's evil plot to kill him.

Most of Frederic's work are full of suspense and it takes a great eye to understand their meaning. Not only does he bring out hidden aspects of things but what most people don't expect. Some of his other celebrated works include Flaming June, The Painter's Honeymoon, The Return of Persephone, Elijah in the Wilderness and so many more works. He was mainly inspired by the great history of legendary people and their lives whether in the political arena or the bible. His work went ahead to inspire revolutionary movement like the new sculptor that was started by sculptor Jules Dalou in the 1870s in London.

Other artists and sculptors who also lean on his work for inspiration include James Collinson, William Holman Hunt, William Michael Rossetti and many others. His work has been featured in so many famous galleries and art shows in the change of time and around the globe. You cannot miss to find his work even today in galleries and even art books and in libraries. So if you love art then you should try interacting with his work for more insight and inspiration especially if you want to bring revolution in the world of art. The man Frederic is still a celebrated icon even with the millennial.