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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Henri Rousseau had an interesting life full of highly regarded drawings and paintings. One of the most popular paintings in the house on the outskirts of Paris. The House on the Outskirts of Paris by Henri Rousseau is dated back in 1902. The art is a naïve art (primitivism) in style.

The painting House on the Outskirts of Paris by Henri Rousseau is painted on a canvas of high-quality grade that utilizes precision print technology. The ink used in painting this figure is fade resistance. The House on the Outskirts of Paris by Henri Rousseau contain details that are reproduced to high-quality specification by talented graphic artists. The orientation of this art is a landscape to cover more ground as possible.

The love for drawing and painting of Henri Rousseau started when his family was bankrupted, and he was left in the care of the school. Similar to other portraits, House on the Outskirts of Paris had a naïve or child-like quality. This art shows the ambiguous spaces, vivid colors, dramatic intensity, and non-realistic scale of the paintings to give it the surreal quality. Most of the time, paintings of Henri Rousseau resemble some drawings that he saw somewhere, like in magazines or museums.

House on the Outskirts of Paris by Henri Rousseau contains a lot of details that show the love of nature that the painter had. It consists of one house with what appeals to be three chimneys similar to the number of windows. The house is located in a forest-like plantation, and it stands alone.

The House on the Outskirts of Paris shows what it appears to be people on the road. One person is on a bicycle while the other is standing still on the road. The road tends to end in the forest. This house is located far away from the city of Paris, just as the name suggests (House on the outskirts of Paris).

The painting is currently located in the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA, US. Similar to other Henri Rousseau arts, House on the Outskirts of Paris was not accepted or understood by the official art world of Paris conservatives. However, this art was able to be shown in an annual Société des artistes exhibition. He stated submitting painting and drawing workpieces to the above exhibition until he died in 1886. A lot of established artists like Paul Signac and Camille Pissarro understood and appreciated the work of Henri Rousseau. Pissarro was particularly loved all across Europe and some of the highlights of his career included The Hermitage at Pontoise, The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning and The Boulevard Montmartre at Night.