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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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In the Summer of 1915, a woman in Valencia with a naked boy, wrapped in a white cloth, was painted at the same time as the Valencian Fishermen. The picture clearly showed it was after the birth of a young boy. Sorolla may devote his full attention to the formal execution of painting in this scene with his simple subject.

The work of the artist often shows the water motif and the use of white fabrics for color and illumination research. He made several different models, inspired not only for his popularity with his customers but also due to his visual attention, with some regions of bright light and others where the sunlight is filtered through the cloth, sparkling reflection of water and damp skiing.

Several more versions of the After bathing are available from Sorolla's work. The art in corollas paintings showed themes witnessed in valencia during his painting career era. During that time in Valencia, the custom was that the working class kids were bathing at sea. When girls turned around five years, they were expected to use bathing suits while boys continued washing naked until they started the adolescent period. This led to Sorolla painting the girls with pink or whitish gowns and children playing at the seashore as shown in the afterbirth pictures.

The painter of the art of the after the birth picture was called Joaquin Sorolla, who was a Spanish citizen and regarded as one of the most decorated painters of the 19th century. He continued to create a wide variety of individuals, scenery, historical art, and story design throughout his artistic career. His job is sometimes recalled for the bright sunlight and revolutionary spirit transmitted into the stagnant environment of Spain throughout the 19th era. The photos of Sorolla were primarily displayed by intense painting style and use of bright colors, which sought to make him one of the world's foremost impressionists. Nonetheless, he was quite high at creating historical objects, scenery, and excellent portraits, though he has been known primarily as a pictorial painter of water and shore scenery. Joaquin worked as an illusionist artist and managed to finish several mural drawings, aside from being in canvas art. Many of his leading skills were about the American Hispanic Society. Other well-known plays include acts like Another Margaret (Saint Louis,1892, The University of Washington as well as the Sea Drive (Sorolla museum 1909).

In 1906, the Paris-based Galeries Georges Petit organized a massive showcase of all its works. In inclusion was the series was a significant selection of figure art, image sculpture, and nature art pieces. The show was a great success that led Sorolla to become an Officer of the French Legion of Honour. An election in San Fernando Academy in Madrid and also the French Academy of Fine Arts was also an award won by Sorolla. More major displays proceeded in Europe and England, the popularity of which was not so popular as his previous exhibitions. In the year 1909, he gave the Hispanic Society of America a one-person show in New York City. The showing accompanied his designation as members of this society. For the exhibition, nearly 200 of his plays were sold.