The painter's use of water and white fabrics in experimenting the color and light is a common trait in the artist's work. There are many versions of the subject which primarily encouraged not only by its success but also the visual interest the beaches offered, with some areas dazzling in light while others the light is filtered through the fabric. At the foreground of valencia Beach in the Morning, is a figure of a woman carefully holding her toddler towards the water. The boy looks terrified by the ocean as his legs are lifted upwards to avoid contact with the water. The woman is dressed in a full white summer dress and a head scarf. Infront of them are four other children, two of them lying naked, comfortably on the shallow waters enjoying the moment.

Slightly on the midsection of the painting are other young boys seen swimming naked and behind them are three big boats. The ocean extends further into the background, touching with the horizon and becoming one with the clear blue sky. Most of the extreme left side is covered with the seashore and figures of people who are seen watching the young boys who are swimming. The atmosphere of the paint is relaxing, fun, and calm. The artist, Joaquin Sorolla, was highly influenced by the exhibitions of Jules Bastien Lepage and Adolf von Menzel. He also studied under Jose Benlliure, Emilio Sala, and Jose Cordero who all influenced his style of painting.

His legacy still lives in the influence he had on several people whom he impacted their lives. These include other Spanish painters such as Alberto Pla y Rubio and Julio Romero. Also, after Sorolla's death, his wife left many of his paintings to the Spanish public. They eventually formed a collection known as Museo Sorolla. He also received the painters honor of The Provinces of Spain by making a ballet based on the paintings. Several of his work have been exhibited in different locations world wide. Other paints by Sorolla include Children on the Seashore of 1903, Beach at Valencia of 1908, The Horses bath of 1909, Walk on the Beach of 1909 and My Wife and Daughters in the Garden of 1910.