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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Artists have numerous ways of passing their messages to their audience. With a piece of work comes with both a meaning and a portrait to look at and be enthusiast. One such excellent piece of work with a double meaning is the My Second Sermon by John Everett Millais which focuses on a girl on a church bench.

Much has been said about this creation with many drawing their own conclusions. However, this piece has a lot more to offer than you know. This piece of work that was done by John who focuses on a well dressed little girl and is sleeping on a bench. The piece was presented by the famous artist when he visited The Royal London Academy of Arts in 1864. This masterpiece is a recreation of what he'd shown a year earlier to the academy as he was trying to sign up at the Academy. In his previous painting, he'd captioned his daughter while asleep at church. Therefore the primary purpose of this piece of art been drawn was so that John would be able to sign up and be approved at the Academy.

From the painting, we are able to see the girl dressed in lava red sweater scarf and socks. A sign of passion that the artist has for both the daughter and art itself. The painter uses this color as a means of attracting the eye of individuals who want to have a look at the painting. Painters mostly used this to get the attention of their audience quickly. When we a look at the girl in the painting we notice that she's sleeping. This can be so because she's attending a sermon, and the preacher is taking too long to complete the sermon. This painting was drawn pass a message to the preachers that they should consider when preaching to children and take a shorter period.

From the painting, you can complement the artist for his excellent job and his ability to make colors appropriately. He's able to blend between dark colors and bright colors easily without having a color clash, unlike other artists. The painting is currently owned by the guild art hall in London. Although the painting is about a sleeping girl, the portrait sure has a lot to display and tell. The portrait clearly shows a lot about the artist and can clearly enable an individual to know that it's a repaint.