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Understand more about the man behind the art with this selection of quotes by and about John Everett Millais, from a variety of sources.

Famous Quotes by John Everett Millais

Man was not intended to live alone... marriage is the best cure for that wretched lingering over one's work. I think I must feel more settled than you all. I would immensely like to see you all married like myself and anchored.

It doesn't matter how beautifully a thing is painted, it is no good if it isn't right - it's got to come out... What does it matter how you do it? Paint it with a shovel if you can't get your effect any other way.

The flies of Surrey are more muscular, and have a still greater propensity for probing human flesh... I am threatened with a notice to appear before a magistrate for trespassing in a field and destroying the hay... and am also in danger of being blown by the wind into the water. Certainly the painting of a picture under such circumstances would be greater punishment to a murderer than hanging.

John Everett Millais in a letter to a friend

Quotes about John Everett Millais by Art Historians and Famous Artists

At the Royal Academy he became friendly with fellow student William Holman Hunt, and contributed with Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rossetti to the Cyclographic Society. In 1848 the three helped form the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded at his family home in London, at 83 Gower Street (now number 7). Millais became the most famous exponent of the style, his painting Christ in the House of His Parents (1850) generating considerable controversy, and painting perhaps the embodiment of the school, Ophelia, in 1850-51.